Intelligent Solar Insect Killers FWS-DBL-1

Overview of our Product Line

We have designed and developed a series of series of solar powered insect killers for commercial agricultural use as an alternative to harmful insecticides.  Our products use multiple light spectrums to attract and kill harmful insects, which are active at night. Our advanced technology does not affect “desirable bugs” and performs unlike anything else in the World.

The intelligent solar insect killer provides environmentally friendly year-round multi-season pest control. Most agricultural pests have a winged or flying stage at some point in their life cycle. For example, the small aphid-like Phylloxera is one of the most destructive grape pests worldwide with a complex life cycle that often involves a winged stage in the spring, summer or fall. By killing these pests in the flying stage before they can lay their eggs - the Phylloxera’s life cycle is broken.

Here’s how it works:
The solar panel charges a battery during the day that powers our proprietary light bulbs which automatically come on via a light sensor and timer system at night.

Our light bulbs emit a special wave-length of light (361-368 Nanometers) that attracts insects. When insects come within 6-12 inches of the light bulb an additional light frequency wave disorients the bug causing the insects to fall into a water container located below the light and they drown.  

The cost of our solar insect killer is substantially less than the cost of harmful agrochemicals and our products have shown to be more effective than the use of agrochemicals in killing harmful insects. Depending on its size, each unit is designed to cover an area of between 3,000 – 6,000 square meters and to last 7-10 years.   

Our products are environmentally friendly, cost effective and are a highly efficient alternative to use of insecticides. The

Company believes that the competition for its line of solar insect killers is currently limited.  As a result, our products are currently the only products of their type approved for sale under the China Ministry of Agriculture’s grant subsidy program.  

In addition to units installed on test farms, approximately 40,000 units are installed on numerous commercial farms in provinces throughout China. The following table summarizes information regarding the units installed on commercial farms in the major provinces of China.