Extreme Duty Shredders & Hammermill for Prunings

TRT Shredder

TRT shredder is ideal to collect and shred pruning’s up to 6” Ø  The TRT features either push or pull
design. (request at time of order)  TRT is standard with heavy 3 1/2 lb hammers and rear rubber wheels and tail gate .

Optional Dual 3pt frame, through shaft gearbox.

                                                                       MODEL       Width      HP             LBS      
                                                                       TRT 150        58”         80          2271
                                                                       TRT 175        68”         90          2536
                                                                       TRT 200        78”        100          2822

How it works

The hydraulic driven feeder rotor brings the pruning’s into a space above the soil where the hammer rotor shreds the pruning’s at 2200 rpm. The rear of the machine has a discharge grating with 1 ⅜” gauge holes to control the size of discharged material.