Lanco LS 655 5 in 1 Spreader

The Lanco LS 655 is a state of the art spreading machine for spreading many kinds of material. The 5-in-1 features interchangable Spreader Attachments

Lanco LS 655 Literature


D02 Drive via PTO shaft - hydraulic pump
D03 Drive via engine - hydraulic pump
A25 Chain 2¼" Spacing (recommended for spreading Fertilizer)
B40 Extention support post only for 2x8 or 2x10 Boards
B55 Extra width axil (steep & Rough terrain)
B60 Cover Tarp with eyelets for bungees
B65 Roll Over Tarp with manual crank
B70 Transportation Light package
T35 Flotation Rib Tire (31-13.5×15SL, 8ply)
T70 Tandem Agriculture Rib Tire (11L×15, 8ply)
DD20 Banding kit for Dual Disc Attachment
CC20 Discharge Deflector (2nd side), for Cross Conveyor
RC10 12V on/off Apron Chain