Cifarelli’s backpack Sprayers

Cifarelli’s backpack sprayers have a 5HP engine and a large 41/2 gallon tank, capable of treating ½ acre of vineyard per tank fill. All made possible by the Low Volume Difference. Standard equipment includes lumbar pad, Dusting attachment, Louvered gate for veggie crops, Conical gate for greenhouses, flowers, and Vineyards. The M3PSRA has a suction pump to refill the sprayer without taking it off your back.

MODEL           Tank        HP      LBS     Refill
M3A            41/2gal        5        22        No
M3PSRA      41/2gal        5        24        Yes

Additional Options
Part ID Description                        
OG-021-00 double outlet, liquids
24-002-00 double outlet, powders
OG-104-00 UVL attachment
24-019-00 27” Extension tube

Cifarelli Backpack literature