Falc Rotary Spader

The Falc Rotary spaders mode of operation causes each slice of soil to be broken
off at the bottom of the spade’s stroke so that the subsoil base is left broken not cut or polished. Because the bottom of the worked area is left rough and unglazed it promotes percolation and root penetration. The spaders ability to work deeper than plows, discs and rototillers besides getting below the work pans these other tools created, helps plant roots react levels where moisture and temperatures are more constant. Deeper rooting with reduced fluctuations in temperature and less moisture stress improve plant vigor.

MODEL               Width      Lbs          Dia            Hp      
Bobland 1900      82"        2116      15 3/4       80-120
Bobland 2100      90"        2777      15 3/4       80-120
Bobland 2350    100"        3218      15 3/4       80-120
Freeland 3000   125"        5202      13 3/4      130-200

Additional Options
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Eggerol Roller

Falc Bobland Brochure