Electrocoup F3010

Powerfully mastered pruning at its best
The new ELECTROCOUP F3010 is the ideal tool for vine pruning. It is the only pruning shear with the advantage of an elctrically adjustable half- aperture setting on the device. This saves considerable time on all small and medium cutting operations (representing 70% to 80% of all pruning: spur or cane pruning).

The F3010 is the electronic pruning shear with the largest cutting capacity on the market, with an large aperture of 56 mm.

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The F3010 gives you the option of 2 operating modes :
"Pulse" mode and "Proportional" mode.
"Pulse" mode allows you to work at maximum speed, while "Proportional" mode gives extremely precise control of blade movement, according to the pressure exercised by your finger on the operating trigger.

Battery Autonomy can be up to 2 days work without recharging.

 MODEL      Max Cut    Tool(lb)     Bat(lb)      Time(hr)  
 F3010           2.2”         1.8           5.2           8+

Technical Specifications
system only                                1.8 Lbs
Weight of battery only                 5.2 Lbs
Weight of waistcoat + cabling      1.1 Lbs
Maximum blade opening              2.2"
Cutting capacity                           1.5"
Battery voltage                           48 Vcc
Charger Feed Voltage                  230V 50Hz réf : 741C1
                                                   110V 60Hz réf : 741C2
Battery pack autonomy               8+ hours
Charging time                             5 hours
Warranty                                    12 months

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