ARP Ripper

The ARP is ideal for relieving compaction in nurseries. The unique wing design relieves hardpan and  nicely prunes roots.  An optinal rear cage roller, and central straight spade are available. 

 MODEL       Width      HP        LBS       
ARP 130       51”       60-80      551

Additional Options
Part ID      Description                        
04280       Opt. Rear Cage Roller
04281       Opt. Central Staight Spade




Great for cutting narrow trenches for irrigation pipe. The optional 12" furrower shovel digs a smooth trench for water flow.


This unit is recommended for breaking up compacted soil to increase root growth and yields.


Designed for heavier duty use, thus the ripper can be used for high horsepower tractors. Recommend when deep ripping is required.

MODEL                               GR100             GR200              GR300           
Horsepower Rating:         Up to 25           Up to 50         Up to 75
Frame Tube Size:               3” x 3”             4” x 4”             4” x 8”
Shank Length:                     19”                   23”                   27”
Shank Size:                       1” x 4”              1” x 6”        1” Parabolic”
Hitch:                                Cat . 1              Cat . 1               Cat . 2
Shear Bolt Protection:        Yes                   Yes                    Yes
Weight:                               85 lb               130 lb               240 lb
Optional 12” Furrower:      Yes                     No                    No
Parking Stands:                  No                      No               Optional