Kasco Spray-Safe Helmet

Kasco’s helmets are NIOSH 23-C approved for dust, fumes and organic vapors, making them ideal for greenhouse and field work. Air intake is through organic vapor cartridges and an electric motor pushes purified air up through a flexible hose for delivery into the helmet at a refreshing 6 CFM. The Helmet is construction for fiberglass and is padded for comfort, with an adjustable headband, hinged visor, exhaust vents, and a washable collar. The T8 model operates from a self contained 6-volt battery that allows use while filling. The Battery lasts up to 4 hours between  charges (110 Charger Included). The T9 model needs to be plugged into the tractor receptacle for operation.

MODEL           OPERATERS   Cartidges       LBS
K80S-T8         6 VOLT BATT      2                 2
K80S-T9         TRACTOR           2                 2

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