Enviromist CDA Weed Sprayers

Enviromist Difference: The patented technologe used the efficiency of Controlled Droplet Applicators (CDA) to form uniform small droplets that can be defined as “optimum” for coverage. Unlike hydraulic nozzles which force liquid under pressure through a small orifice to create unstable sheets of liquid which breaks up into a range of droplet sizes. This system is completely state of the art with the use of CDA droplets that are uniform and optimum for coverage.

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The “Brains” - electricity comes in from the battery and is divided out to the pump and each sprayhead. Fluid comes in from the  tank/pump and out to each sprayhead. The Back Plate controls are used to control and verify the systems operations.

( 2. ) Tank & Pump Assembly

The formula tank is 21 gallon formed tank on a mounting steel frame.  Includes the pump filter and a ½ gallon rinse tank. This system combines low-pressure, low volume flow through a CDA (Control Droplet Applicator) forming a droplet
cloud within the confined area under the spray head. You can spray all day with one 21 gallon tank full. A 55 gallon tank with 3 point frame is available for large acreage or muli spray heads spraying.

( 3. ) Sprayheads


Undavina Pronounced "un-da-vine-a" it is ideal for exactly that, under vines. Chemistry is controlled under the sprayhead but the brushes are saturated and will wick every last weed around the vine or mature trees. The Undavina system combines CDA technology with a shielded head to achieve optimum targeted coverage.For shade trees with thin bark, the soft touch of the brushes with a slip cover will prevent and chaffing

Sprayhead              Spray width
Undavina 250xt       9 Inches
Undavina 400xt     18 Inches
Undavina 600xt     24 Inches
Undavina 900xt     39 Inches

Undavina Slip Cover

The optional, canvas slip-on cover can be fitted to a Undavina sprayhead for use around young trees, giving you the spray protection of a Spraydome and the flexablity of an Undavina.

Part ID                    Description              
AA254    Slip-on Cover for Undavina 250
AA282    Slip-on Cover for Undavina 400
AA217    Slip-on Cover for Undavina 600
AA013    Slip-on Cover for Undavina 900


The Spraydome features a solid poly dome with a CDA sprayhead, able to push back low branches and yet maintain drift control. The dome also has the ablity to free-spins on a bearing, and the entire head swings in when it comes up against an obstacle and then it spring back to return.

Sprayhead                    Spray width
Spraydome 400xt            18 Inches
Spraydome 600xt            24 Inches
Spraydome 1000xt          39 Inches
Spraydome 1200xt          48 Inches

Spraymiser & Vegedome

Spraymiser & Vegedome heads designed for row middles or service roads. Usually mounted to the rear of the tractor, ATV, work truck, etc. Can be turned to cover narrow areas. Using a reduced rate of herbicide you will chemically mow or slow growth during droughts.

Sprayhead                                           Spray width
Spraymiser1200                                        8”-48”
Spraymiser1800 with fold up wings            70”
Spraymiser2000 with fold up wings            78”
Vegedome (not Shown)                            6”-32”

Additional Options

Part ID Description                        
Ev Frame      (3pt Frame for Ev units)
BD001          Enviromist parts kit
AA125          Spray wand
BD101          Tilt Mechanism Kits  Single Side Control
BD102          Tilt Mechanism Kits  Double Side Control

Enviromist Owners Manual & Parts Book