CIMA 3 Point Sprayers

CIMA’s featured ergonomic design makes it possible for small farms or large farms to have the choose of a target head to treat your canopy. All models are standard with internal mixing basket and a safety fresh water tank. Calibration is easy and quick with CIMA’s Dial-A-Rate along with the target control head, and air shear delivery system you will use minimal active  chemical to achieve great coverage.

 MODEL/GAL.         HP               LBS           CONTROLS 
P42/80                20               397              manual
P45/100              35               419              manual
P50/100              45               497              manual
P50/165              50               550              manual
P55/165              70               596              electric
EMV/P -Electric motor valves upgrade for P42/45/50

Cima Sprayer Literature

Cima Spray Heads


P42/80 Parts book

P45/100 Parts book

P50/165 Parts Book

P55/165 Parts book